Nordic senior researcher

Name Position E-mail Phone
Morten Schioldan Riishuus Research Scholar/Scientist +354 525 4489

Nordic senior researcher in volcanology at the Nordic Volcanological Center, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland

Nationality: Danish

Research interests:
Petrology, volcanology, geochronology, paleoclimatology, weathering and tectonic processes of large igneous provinces.

• Crustal accretion processes in Iceland through Ar-Ar geochronology studies of the Neogene lava piles of Iceland.
• From mantle melting regime through crustal plumbing systems to mode of emplacement of Neogene lava groups in Iceland.
• Application of weathering products in terrestrial tephras from volcanic provinces in Greenland, Northern Ireland and Iceland as monitors of Cenozoic climate changes.
• Paleo-magma flow and shear stress from magnetic fabric analysis of Neogene dike intrusions in Iceland.
• Neogene silicic volcanism in Iceland.
• Development of climofunctions from weathering of modern volcanic soils.
• Petrogenesis of syenites from continental flood basalt provinces.

Leadership and teaching:
I currently supervise three Ph.D. students affiliated to NORDVULK, and one M.Sc. student at Stanford University. We are organized in the NEVI (Neogene volcanism in Iceland) research group.

I have taught classes in Minerals and Rocks, Mineralogy, Igneous Petrology.

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