Programme overview

August 10 at 18:00: Course opening in Reykjavik – lectures on geology of Iceland.

August 11: Field demonstration. Drive from Reykjavík to Höfn, SE-Iceland. Inspection of the active Eyjafjallajokull, Katla, Öræfajökull volcanoes, and the Vesturhorn Intrusive Complex, SE-Iceland.

August 12: Field demonstration of interior roots of volcanic systems. The Eastern Fjords of Iceland. Central volcanoes and dike swarms at 1-2 km erosion level. Fossil mafic-felsic magma chambers and intrusive complexes. End in Eiðar near Egilsstaðir, NE-Iceland

August 13: Lectures and posters related to topic 1: Models for volcanic systems

August 14: Lectures and posters related to topic 2: Magmatism and shallow intrusions

August 15: Field demonstration of magmatic processes at central volcanoes. Visit to Thingmuli eroded central volcanoe.

August 16: Lectures and posters related to topic 3: Magma intrusions in the lower crust

August 17: Lectures and posters related to topic 4: The style of magma transfer

August 18: Field demonstration: Magma transport, magma chambers and intrusions in the southern part of the Northern rift zone of Iceland. Visit to areas of ongoing volcanic unrest at Askja. Overnight stay in a mountain hut (Askja volcanic system)

August 19: Field demonstration of active subsurface magma transport in the Krafla volcanic system. Rifting episodes of last 3000 years, including the 1975-1984 volcano-tectonic episode.

August 20: Return to Reykjavík.

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