Summer school on Tephra studies - Practical information

Arriving in Reykjavik

The international airport is Keflavík, about 45 minutes drive from Reykjavík.  Busses go regularly between Keflavík and Reykjavík (  The bus stops at the BSÍ bus terminal (see map below).

We have arranged an overnight stay for the first night, August 20th, at Radisson Blu Saga Hotel (

First evening

The summer school begins on August 20th in the evening.  We meet at 18:00 in Askja building (University of Iceland) for a short get-together followed by a dinner at Restaurant Lækjarbrekka in the center of Reykjavik, about 10 minutes walk from Askja.

At Askja we will briefly introduce the summer school program and hand out name tags for the participants.  A folder with the summer school program, a short field guide and a memory stick with abstracts and selected papers will be handed out in the bus on the first morning.

For map/aerials of Iceland (and for zooming in on Reykjavík) see e.g.:

Accomodation and food

Accomodation has been arranged during the summer school from August 20-28th.  Those arriving earlier or leaving later make their own arrangements. 

August 20th Radisson Blu Saga Hotel (

August 21-23rd Hotel Leirubakki (

August 24-27th Hotel Kirkjubæjarklaustur (

August 28th return to Reykjavik

Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee) is included in the course.  Wine and beer is not included.

Everyone will need to share a room with some one.

The summer school

The summer school consists of four days of lectures and four days of field excursions.  Lectures will generally be about 45 minutes.

The first field trip is on August 21st as we drive from Reykjavík to Leirubakki.  All field trips will include bus drive and some hiking. The stops are at exposures into soil with tephra layers or tephra deposits.

Posters will be up during most of the course with special poster sessions at the end of each lecture day.  Each participant will be asked to briefly introduce their posters during one of the poster sessions.

Clothes and shoes

Warm, wind- and waterproof clothes are necessary - the weather in Iceland varies a lot.  Sunny days as well as windy and rainy (even snowy) days can be expected.  Some of the field trips will take us into the highlands where temperatures may be close to 0°C in the night.  Make sure you bring warm clothes and waterproof jackest and trousers, as well as shoes/boots appropriate for rocky and/or muddy terrain (sturdy hiking boots). Bring swim suits, there is a hot pool at Hotel Leirubakki and a swimming pool next to the hotel at Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

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