Spring 2009

 Spring 2009 Seminar Series

Fridays at 12:20
Friday seminars of Institute of Earth Sciences and Nordic Volcanological Center
Meeting room:  Building of Natural Sciences, Askja, western end - 3rd floor seminar room
Everybody is welcome.


6 February - Leó Kristjánsson:  "Some localized stratigraphic/paleomagnetic studies on Icelandic lava series: a progress report"
13 February - Ármann Höskuldsson:   "Reykjanes Ridge Expedition 2007"

20 February - Gifford H. Miller, INSTAAR, University of Colorado, Boulder:   "Paleo-evidence of Arctic Amplification"

6 March - Magnús Tumi Guðmundsson:   "Tuya-forming eruptions: Subglacial or supraglacial drainage?"

19 March - Sverrir Guðmundsson:  "Volume changes of ice caps in Iceland deduced from remote sensing and mass balance observations"

27 March - Anders Schomacker:  "Ice shelf glaciation in the Arctic Ocean and its collapse"

17 April - Manahloh Belachev:  "Current rifting events in Ethiopia"

8 May - Áslaug Geirsdóttir:  "Ice cap and glacier growth around the Northern North Atlantic during the Little Ice Age: A role of volcanic forcing?"

15 May - Freysteinn Sigmundsson:  "The Icelandic Continental Shelf "

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