Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Seminar Series

Fridays at 12:30 - 13:15
Friday seminars of Institute of Earth Sciences and Nordic Volcanological Center
Meeting room:  Building of Natural Sciences, Askja - room 132

Everybody is welcome!


Friday lectures are coordinated by Celine Lucie Mandon (celine@hi.is) and Greta Hoe Wells (ghwells@hi.is)

9 September: Simon Van Gennip (Oceanographer, Mercator-Ocean International, France):
"The Copernicus Marine Service: present and future plans"

15 September: Charly De Marez (Postdoc, University of Iceland):
"About oceanic vortices in the Northwestern Indian Ocean and elsewhere"

29 September: Bryndís Brandsdóttir (Senior research scientist, University of Iceland):
"Deglaciation offshore N-Iceland documented by multibeam bathymetric and high-resolution Chirp seismic reflection data"

6 October: Tadashi Yamasaki, Geological Survey of Japan:
"Volcanic eruption sequences inferred from irregularly spaced thickness data of tephra fall deposits: A case study of Tarumai Volcano, Hokkaido, Japan"

13 October: Clémence Daigre, PhD student, University of Iceland & ENS Paris:
"Aquifer dynamics in catchments headed by temperate glaciers, study case of South-East Iceland: Field results from 2023 and modeling plan (IceAq project)"

20 October: Freysteinn Sigmundsson (Research Scientist, Institute of Earth Sciences) and the ISVOLC team:
"The ISVOLC project and the influence of climate change on magmatic processes: What does geodesy and modelling of geodetic data tell us?"

27 October: Edward Marshall, Postdoc, NordVulk, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
"A Geochemical Perspective on the 2021-2023 Eruptions of Fagradalsfjall"

3 November: Wesley Farnsworth (Specialist, University of Iceland)
"Tephra constrains natural and anthropogenic changes in postglacial Iceland sediments"

10 November: Sigurður Reynir Gíslason, Research Professor, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
"Carbon Capture and Storage: From Global Cycles to Global Solutions"

24. November: Sunna Harðardóttir, PhD Candidate, Department of Earth Science, University of California-Santa Barbara
"Isotope variability in global ocean island basalts: a highly biased dataset focused on high buoyancy-flux hotspots"

1. December: Simon Matthews (Specialist, Institute of Earth Sciences)
"Insights from Fe stable isotopes into melt production beneath Iceland"

8. December: Gro Birkefeldt Moller Pedersen, Research Specialist, Institute of Earth Sciences, University of Iceland
"Lava flow hazard modeling during the volcanic unrest on Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland: Developments and strategies for the applications of MrLavaLoba code"


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