Spring 2007

Spring 2007 Seminar Series

Fridays at 13:00
Friday seminars of Institute of Earth Sciences and Nordic Volcanological Center
Meeting room:  Building of Natural Sciences, Askja, western end - 3rd floor seminar room
Everybody is welcome.


January 5 - Eyjólfur Magnússon:  "Unsteady flow behaviour of Skeiðarárjökull"

January 12 - David Kadko (Miami):  "The Subsurface Biosphere – a geochemist’s perspective"

January 19 - Bryndís Brandsdóttir:  "Plate boundary dislocations and crustal evolution offshore N-Iceland, from the Kolbeinsey Ridge to the extinct Ægir Ridge"

January 26 - Sigurður Steinþórsson:  presents the movie "New Petrology" starring Dan McKenzie

February 2 - Páll Einarsson:  "Krafla revisited: Pathways of magma through the crust"

February 9 - Stefán Arnórsson:  "Trace elements in natural waters - specific reference to Mo and W"

February 16 - Eydís S. Eiríksdóttir:  "Temporal variation of the chemical and mechanical weathering in NE-Iceland"

February 23 - Drew Shindell (NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies & Columbia University):
ATT: at 11.00  "Modeling regional climate change in the historical period"

March 2 - Erik Sørensen:  "A geochemical and petrological invesitgation of the recent to sub-recent volcanic activity in the Andagua valley, Peru"

March 9 - No seminar

March 16 - NordVulk stipendiates - Board meeting

March 23 - Andy Hooper:  "High Resolution Deformation of Eyjafjallajökull and Katla Volcanoes from Multiple Acquisition Radar Interferometry"

March 30 - Joshua Were:  "The speciation of trace elements in spent geothermal fluids and implications on environmental health"

April 6 - Easter holiday

April 13 - Benedikt Ófeigsson:  "GPS meaurements in the Kárahnjúkar area"

April 20 - Ingvi Gunnarsson:  "Kinetics of silica polymerization under geothermal conditions"

April 27 - JFI Spring meeting

May 4 - Erik Sturkell:  "Hekla revealed"

May 11 - Ármann Höskuldsson:  "The eruption of Öræfajökull 1362"

May 18 - No seminar

May 25 - Finnur Pálsson:  "There’s something about Vatnajökull"

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