Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Spring 2022 Seminar Series

Fridays at 12:30 - 13:15
Friday seminars of Institute of Earth Sciences and Nordic Volcanological Center
Meeting room:  Building of Natural Sciences, Askja - room 132

Everybody is welcome!

Friday lectures are coordinated by Edward Marshall (edmarshall@hi.is)


18. February: Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir (University of Iceland): "Glaciers and Sea Level: what does the new IPCC report tell us and how do we translate that to the coast of Iceland"

4 March: Elisa Piispa (University of Iceland): "What does paleomagnetism (and rock magnetism) have to offer for volcanological studies?"

18 March: Gro Pedersen (University of Iceland): "Morphometry of Icelandic glaciovolcanoes: Types, evolution, and degradation"

1 April: David J A Evans (Durham University, UK): "Modern Icelandic analogues for palaeoglaciological reconstruction"

8 April: Catherine R. Gallagher (Postdoctoral Researcher, NordVulk): "Revisiting the final stages of the 1783–84 CE Laki eruption: extensive evidence of ice-magma interactions during a shallow subglacial fissure eruption"

22 April: Elizabeth Phillips (Postdoctoral Fellow, NordVulk): "Using d44C and d26Mg to Investigate Carbon Mineralization in Seawater"

29 April: Daniele Maestrelli (Postdoctoral Researcher, IGG-CNR, Italy): "Downscaling volcano-tectonic processes: from nature to analogue models"




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